Website Terms of Use (v2)

Below is a list of principles followed by Oleg Cassini regarding the collection and use of your personal details for purposes of providing you with utmost security and peace of mind when you visit the primary website and subdomains of


As with many websites, this Site uses cookies for various reasons (The term "Site" is used to refer to this website and websites of business partners). These technical communication files, which are referred to as cookies, are small text files sent by websites to users' desktop or mobile browsers.

What is the purpose of using cookies and how are they used?

Cookies are intended to offer content and ads tailored for users themselves and their interests and needs on this Site and sites of business partners. This aims to improve quality of the Site experience by preventing redundant ads uninteresting to the user. Cookies help us become familiar with you, which, in turn, makes it possible for us to enhance the Site's functionality and usefulness through content and ads we think you might be interested in.

1. Cookies can be used to ensure that ads appearing when you enter the Site can address you as well as to determine whether you are curious about an ad that you see on the Site or visit the website of related product and service featured in the ads.

2. Cookies can be used to create statistics on the number of visitors of the Site, user types, frequency of visits, user behaviours and habits, users' countries of residence etc.

3. Additionally, the Site may have cookies placed by third parties in order to correctly identify users' preferences (e.g. these are the cookies used when ads by such parties are accessed on the Site). Data obtained through such cookies can be used for ad or content placement on other websites visited to address the user.

4. Use of cookies for the above mentioned purposes may also involve use on this Site and websites of the business partners. Even in such case, it is intended to offer contents and ads tailored for users based on the areas found to be interesting for them.

5. Details of other websites visited by users can as well be processed by the Site or business partners via the cookies used on this Site or other sites.

Which details are collected and processed via cookies?

Details collected and processed include the source site redirecting to this Site; which site is visited after entry to this Site; geographical location of users; user reactions to ad banners featured on the site; personal details provided to the Site and sites of business partners based on user's consent; preferences applied on the site; social media actions relating to the pages of our Site and business partners. Your subscription details provided to the Site and business partners' sites can be collected and processed by the Site or business partners for the purposes mentioned herein. As data is collected and processed from social media networks via a set of applications, you can find out which of your data will be processed by authorising such applications. You can avoid processing of your personal details at your own discretion by rejecting authorisation for the related application.

Disabling use of Cookies?

You can disable cookies through your browser. However, you may not be able to use some of the features on the Site if you do so. Please check your browser settings to learn if your browser allows you to manage cookies.

Sharing data collected through cookies with third parties

Behavioural and personal data collected via cookies as explained in detail above can be shared with business partners and third parties for purposes set forth in this policy.

The Site may have links or provide access to sites and content managed by third parties. The Site does not hold any authority to control or intervene in the content by third parties.

The Site may use plug-ins related to the platforms belonging to third parties. Details collected when users visit the Site can be used by the aforementioned third party platforms. If users visit the Site when they are logged in into their account on such platforms, details collected by third parties and the Site may be associated.

User data collected for the purposes mentioned herein can be combined with other data pertaining to various marketing programs associated with the Site or business partners for customer satisfaction purposes as part of user's subscription to such programs. This aims to enhance understanding about user needs, while providing tailored services for users within the scope of the aforementioned practice and, also, other marketing programs users are subscribed to. Data combined can be processed based on the methods and purposes mentioned in these policies and subscription agreement.

Personal data processed by the Site or third parties here under can be shared with third party service providers by the Site or third parties to the extent that such data processing is limited to purposes of receiving the aforementioned services. Third party service providers can retain such data on a local and international basis, and data transfer can be performed on a local or international basis.

Compliance with Legal Procedures

The Site and business partners may not act on illegal purposes and any other purpose than those mentioned herein. Your data shall be protected through strict security measures, and your credit card and payment details shall not be obtained in any case. This practice may be revised based on legal developments in a manner that ensures compliance thereof with the procedures and scope set forth by law.

Rights entitled to persons whose personal personal data is processed.

Within the scope of this policy, persons whose personal data is processed are entitled to request information as to whether their data is processed, and, in the case of such processing, information regarding the processing; purpose of data processing and whether use of processed data fits such a purpose; identity of third parties to whom data is transferred on a local or international basis; correction of data in the event of missing or incorrect data; removal or destruction of personal data within the frame of terms stipulated in relevant regulations and—unless such removal correction/removal/destruction proves impossible or requires excessive amount of efforts—request submission of notification related thereto to third parties data is transferred to; to raise objection against any results turning against them due to analysis of processed data exclusively by automated systems; and to raise a claim in the event of damages incurred due to data processing defying relevant regulations.

By visiting this Site, user is deemed to agree to use of cookies and processing of their data within the scope of this policy.