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Cara Cara Viola Chan
Allora Allora Viola Chan
Grace Grace Oleg By Oleg Cassini
Destiny Destiny Viola Chan
Josephine Josephine Oleg Cassini Collection
Amanda Amanda Oleg By Oleg Cassini
Amanda Amanda Oleg By Oleg Cassini
Blush Embellished Wedding Dress Andrea Viola Chan
Beaded Lace and Tulle Ball Gown Wedding Dress Magnolia Oleg By Oleg Cassini
Cara Cara Viola Chan
V-neck long sleeved ball gown with floral appliqué detail Adelyn Oleg Cassini
Sweetheart Tulle Wedding Dress with Lace Applique Sweetheart Tulle Wedding Dress with Lace Applique Viola Chan
Scalloped V-Neck Lace and Tulle Wedding Dress Snow Oleg By Oleg Cassini
Snow Snow Oleg By Oleg Cassini
Petite Beaded Lace Tulle Ball Gown Wedding Dress Magnolia - Oleg By Oleg Cassini
Florence Florence Oleg Oassini Collection
Theo Theo Oleg Oassini Collection
Destiny Viola Chan
Florence Oleg Oassini Collection


Oleg Cassini offers an extensive selection of stunning bridal gowns designed by the award-winning Viola Chan. Wedding gowns ball gown style are designed to flatter any shape, ball gowns accentuate your curves to present a flawless fairytale bridal look. Our unbelievably affordable range of high-quality ball gown wedding dresses have been designed with the purpose of making you feel beautiful inside and out. We offer easy returns and cheap shipping - what are you waiting for? Shop wedding gowns ball gown style online now and become a part of the #OCBRIDETRIBE. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to learn more about what it means to be an OC bride and to read some very happy customer reviews!


Shop online for exquisite and affordable bridal dresses delivered straight to your door! Located in Melbourne or Sydney? Book an appointment and get fitted by our team of expert stylists today. 


Whether it is your first time trying on dresses or your final fitting, there are some tips to make everything go as smoothly as possible.

Do your hair and makeup similar to you would on the day.

If you know you’re already dreaming of Hollywood curls or a deep smokey eye on your wedding day, it might be a good idea to have some of these elements when you’re trying on your dress. It’ll help you to imagine the final look better, and see if the dress matches the vision you have for your special day.


If you already have an heirloom necklace you know you will wear on the day, or you’ve splurged on those shoes of your dreams (it is your special day, we think it is totally justified), maybe bring those along with you to help map out your final look.
If you don’t have these yet but have an idea in mind, maybe bring along some shoes that are around the same height or some jewellery that you think you might wear something similar. These small things can really help bring things together, and anything to help find you your dream dress is an advantage!


If you’re planning on trying some skintight or thin dresses, perhaps your brightly patterned or black undergarments aren’t going to be the best idea to bring along on the day.

Try to bring along something seamless or nude, or ideally what you are planning on wearing on the day as this will ensure the best fit, and ultimately how comfortable you are!

When you first begin trying on dresses, don’t be afraid to forgo the bra all together - if you’re trying on dresses with plunging necklines or low backs, you can always get one later down the track that will work perfectly but at the start seeing it might distract you from how the dress would actually look on the day!


Finding the “one” can be a hard task when it comes to wedding dress shopping, and if you need an opinion you want people who are going to be not only honest, but also lift you up on the day! If you have that one friend who isn’t the best at giving compliments, perhaps they might not be the best choice for such a big task. You want to be supported and uplifted, but you do also want honesty.


It can be difficult when you come in with a very clear vision of what you want but none of the dresses seem to be quite what you had imagined - but more often than not, you want to try on some different styles to see what you actually love on your body. You might be surprised! You never know unless you try something, and being open minded about that one dress could be the difference between you falling in love with the perfect dress.


With so many styles when it comes to bridal gowns available, each fabric has its own unique properties and advantages.

If you want something with lots of volume in the skirt, then most likely you’re going to want a dress with lots of layers of tulle to give it that desires affect. Tulle is often what is then embroidered with lace and sequins, so if thats the style you have in mind you might lean more towards these styles.

If a sleek, elegant gown is the wedding dress of your dreams, perhaps a satin or a crepe fabric would be the best fit for you. Satin when used in conjunction with stiff tulle underneath is also what creates those timeless, elegant gowns.

Having so many options available to you can be overwhelming but there isn’t really a “best” fabric when it comes to wedding dresses - the best option is going to be what makes you feel your very best on your special day.


Book an appointment in our Sydney or Melbourne boutiques to meet with your very own stylist and begin your bridal journey this spring! If you are interstate, in lockdown or just simply can't make it to a showroom, book an OC virtual appointment and bring the magic to you, all from the comfort of your own home.
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