Mother-of-the-bride Dress Etiquette

Being a mother-of-the-bride (and groom!) is very exciting and once you have chosen the brides dress it is your turn to find your special gown! Of course, there are a few points of etiquette to keep in mind when choosing your dress, which we have set out below.

White is a big no!

As mother-of-the-bride you want to stand out, but it is important to remember that this is your daughter’s big day! She is the belle of the ball and her standing out is the number one priority. So for your mother-of-the-bride dress we suggest avoiding white, ivory, cream and any other colour even close to white.

What about black mother-of-the brides dresses?

Black used to be a big no-no when it came to weddings in general but in recent times this has changed. Black is no longer passé when it comes to weddings and can look very elegant! Although as mother-of-the-bride we suggest opting for a more memorable colour like navy, magenta or maroon. it is definitely not a faux pas for your mother-of-the-bride dress to be black.

Should the mother of the bride match the bridesmaids?

We do not suggest wearing the same colour as the bridesmaid. The last thing you want is to look as though you are trying to be the same as the bridesmaid. You should stand out from the rest of the bridal party. It is important that you coordinate with the bridesmaids. For example if the bridesmaids dresses are magenta pink you should steer clear of apple red. Instead you should opt for a nude tone or a navy that will tie in well with the bright pink shade.

Should the mother-of-the-bride and mother-of-the-groom match?

Again we would steer clear of the matching too much with the mother of the groom. You don’t want to look like two older bridesmaids! Instead you should both coordinate too and wear colours that compliment one another.

Long or short? What about pants?

The question on whether your dress should be long or short or whether you can wear pants is entirely dependant on the dress code! As the mother-of-the-bride your outfit should be completely in keeping with the dress code requirements.

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Order of outfit selection

Unless it is a particular circumstance generally the bride selects her dress first, then the bridesmaids, mother-of-the-bride and then the mother of the groom. While the age-old etiquette can of course be swayed from, it is usually very important for the wedding dress to be the first one purchased and with all the focus and attention on the bride during the time when she is making her decision.

The number ONE rule

Before making any purchase or decision we suggest checking in with the bride. After all it is her big day and you should always ensure that she is happy with your choice.

Now you know the etiquette it’s time to start shopping!