How to Pick the Perfect Beach Wedding Dress

Your Pinterest board is filling up hard and fast with wedding inspiration and you’ve found nothing to be more romantic than a beach wedding! The feel of the sand in between your toes, the sound of the rolling waves soothing your wedding jitters and the exotic experience of travelling to a uniquely beautiful location all makes for the most special day for you and your loved one.

There are so many wedding dress options for beach weddings and we know it can feel completely overwhelming when choosing the perfect dress. But, choosing the perfect beach wedding dress to complement your style, location and mode of travel is something you have to get right. Remember, if you end up with a dress that doesn’t suit all your beach-bride needs there’s no going back.

Keep reading for ten hot tips when it comes to buying the perfect beach wedding dress.

1. Pick your Style

Going casual with your wedding gown is definitely the right move if you’re off to a beach or destination wedding. Opting for a large ballgown or a heavily beaded A-line dress can be complicated as they can be hot and difficult to travel with. That said, you don’t have to “dress down” to look the part as a beach bride. There are so many styles of beach wedding dresses bound to turn heads.


2. Material Matters

When getting married on the beach, it’s important that your dress reflects that coastal vibe and doesn’t feel too thick or heavy on your body. Remember – not all materials were created equal, especially when it comes to beach wear. If the weather at your destination tends to be on the warmer side, you’ll definitely want to take this into account when shopping as a beach bride-to-be. In terms of what to look for, chiffon is a very popular fabric for beach weddings. Tulle is another popular choice for beach wedding dresses as this material tends to be lightweight, breathable and inexpensive. Tulle is a great choice for the coastal bride who wants a casual take on the princess look.

Remember, even if you choose a dress with the right fabric, excessive beading or appliquès can weigh your gown down. Look for accents like bridal belts, shawls or jackets to add some flare to your dress. This way you can ditch the extras if you need too!


3. Be a budget-conscious bride

Knowing what you’re willing to spend is important before you go dress shopping. Destination weddings can often incur some extra costs due to travel, but, lucky for you we have designed a range of astoundingly affordable wedding dresses perfect for the budget-conscious bride. Saving a couple of dollars here and there is an easy way to relieve some wedding planning stress, and if there’s some spare change left over for champagne, we are all for it!


4. Don’t skimp out on accessories!

Instead of focusing on readjusting your veil through each gust of wind, we want you to be able to focus on your big day and comfort and functionality are a must for a coastal wedding. Either save the veil for some incredible photos or try a soft hair accessory or a gorgeous pear of pearl earrings to complete your bridal look delicately with your own style and flair.


5. Beach weddings can be breezy

There is always the chance of a strong breeze if you are getting married anywhere with a water view so our hot tip for a beach bride is: less is more! While we always love a good veil, an outdoor wedding means Mother Nature can dictate how things go and an ocean breeze can send soft fabric flying. Long, intricately laced trains should similarly be avoided unless you want your maids working overtime. A great alternative to the traditional bridal train is a fun overskirt – perfect for the bride eager to rock two bridal looks on her big day!


6. Straps are a sure thing

Although a strapless wedding dress is a timeless silhouette, they are often built with a large amount of fabric and support which can be hot and uncomfortable for a beach wedding (no one wants to be a sweaty bride!) If you are looking for something sexy and modern, nothing beats crisp white spaghetti straps against tanned shoulders.


7. Backless dresses are the bomb

The statement-making bride should look no further than a sexy, backless wedding dress for their big day. Luckily, a coastal setting is ideal for the backless bridal gown. To nail the open-back look, it’s all about the details. Intricately detailed lace backs, beautiful hand beading, and sweet buttons over an illusion back make for an unforgettable gown. For more feminine allure, we love ones with lace trims or romantic portrait backs. For the ultimate in both glamour and drama, backless wedding dresses can be an ideal choice for anyone.

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8. Plan ahead and order early

A bride’s worst nightmare is to board her plane without her special dress and we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen! The best way to avoid this dilemma is to order your dress between 5-7 months before your wedding. If you are stuck and find yourself having to order a dress at the last minute, consider using a rush order or view our Last-Minute Wedding Gowns.


9. Traveling with your dress

Getting anywhere with a gigantic ballgown can be a difficult process, made even trickier if you have to catch a flight to your wedding destination. The smaller and lighter your dress the more likely you are to get through the travel process stress free. The best way to transport your wedding dress is in a large garment bag – we’ll leave a link to purchase one here.


10. Relax!!

Last of all, remember to relax! No matter how you play it, wearing an Oleg Cassini wedding dress you’re going to be a beachy bridal bombshell in no time!

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