4 Ways to Perfect the Mismatched Bridesmaids Trend

We love the look of mismatched bridesmaids! Let’s face it not all your bridesmaids have the same shape and will look great in the same dress or even colour! Picking a theme and then letting your girls choose their own dress will make for a gorgeous bridal party with everyone feeling good about themselves. There are so many ways to do mismatched bridesmaids. Let us take you through some of the options.


One Colour 

 Bridesmaid One Colour Theme

Picking just one colour and letting your girls get a different gown in that colour is a great idea! Everyone will look uniform and similar but in a dress that flatters their shape best. We take colour matching very seriously! We ensure that no matter what the dress or fabric it will always match the other gowns in that colourway so you can rest assured your bridal party will look fabulous!


Colour Theme

 Bridesmaid Colour Theme

One of our favourite trends is picking a colour theme. For example, jewel tones will make a major impact with each bridesmaid picking their own jewel tone to make their own. Think ruby, amethyst, sapphire and emerald! Or you could choose the more traditional pastels and have each bridesmaid in soft pink, lilac and duck egg blue.


Same dress different colour

 Bridesmaid Same Dress Different Colour

Another favourite is to choose one dress and have your bridesmaids each choose their own colour. This lends itself to a bright and beautiful eclectic look! We definitely recommend seeing how the colours look together before the big day to ensure they all tie in nicely together. 



 Bridesmaid Ombre Dress Theme

Ombre – definitely one of the biggest trends this season is the ombre trend. Choose a colour and get each bridesmaid to choose a shade of that colour. Pink is always popular but this trend looks amazing with blue and purple too! 


Have fun selecting your own unique combination to make your bridal party and photos look amazing! Click here to see our gorgeous selection of bridesmaids dresses to help you make your selection!



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